Innovation for value, the first international innovation conference at IDIBELL


On November 8, IDIBELL and ITEMAS co-organize Innovation for Value (#I4V), a conference focusing on the opportunities offered by innovation and new technologies in the healthcare field. In this event, which will take place at the Bellvitge University Hospital, speakers will also analyze the new business opportunities that arise thanks to scientific innovation and the possible synergies and collaborations that they can create within the field.

Innovation for Value will bring together some of the most important experts in health innovation in the world through six panels. Issues such as private funding, the rise of mHealth as a communications channel between doctor and patient, the use of big data and its integration into research processes, population aging and ethical issues will be tackled. In addition, the peculiarities that exist in each region of the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US) will also be reviewed in order to highlight what is being done in these places and what future development opportunities there are.

Registration for the day, which is free, can now be made through the official website of the conference: 

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