IDIBELL and Anaxomics Biotech sign an agreement for the use of systems biology technology


The Bellvitge Biomedicine Research Institute (IDIBELL) and Anaxomics Biotech have signed an agreement to provide the use of systems biology techniques powered by Anaxomics to the IDIBELL research groups. The application of this innovative technology to IDIBELL researchers’ results can increase the value of their research and conclusions, no matter whether they are basic investigators or clinicians.

This agreement broadens the IDIBELL portfolio of services since it provides the researchers with the most advanced computational tools to extract the most from their results.

Systems biology is the computational and mathematical modelling of complex biological systems, which allows its analysis. It enables obtaining complex conclusions and new hypothesis from biological and biomedical research. It also allows the integration in a single analysis of all the information of patients, including both clinical data (clinical profile, received treatments, results of routine marker analysis) and “omics” data obtained in proteomics, genomics and metabolomics studies. Systems biology can be thus applied to any step of biomedical research, from basic research with cell cultures to clinical trials, used to optimize outcome measures or selection criteria, or even to clinical performance.

In fact, the integrative analysis of a patient through systems biology techniques is already being applied in world renowned hospitals, such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center or Mount-Sinai in New York, where it forms part of a protocol of treatment assignment for patients with certain cancers.

According to the Anaxomics’ CEO, Dr. José Manuel Mas, the variations of the mechanism of action in the same drug administered to different patients could determine its efficiency and toxicity. Currently there are “tools to map what happens in each patient and Anaxomics makes them available to doctors and researchers”.

Anaxomics offers personalized consulting services to identify molecular mechanisms associated with a disease or a drug by integrating clinical and molecular biology databases. Anaxomics is currently working with several top 20 national and international pharmas, and is already collaborating with important researches from Barcelona and the rest of the country.

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