My name is Milo


Now I feel much better having a name. After more than thirty different proposals, you have decided to call me Milo. I love it! From now I’ll help you improving the prevention of occupational hazards. You know that security is very important to work well. “Safe research is good research”, as the Prevention Department use to say in its messages. I really like this phrase…

I want to explain who has been my mother. Well, my mothers, because, in fact, I have two. The first one is the Milagro Gonzalez, Mila, head of the Department of Prevention (and I would say that she has inspired my name, what fun!). The second is Silvia Garcia Chicano, programmer at the IT Department at IDIBELL and 3D animation specialist, who has imagined me, created me and even gave me moving! She has done a good job, right?

Before ending, I want to recommend now that summer is coming, that if you work in a laboratory, use closed shoes and long skirts or pants. So you will be more protected against splashes. Also don’t forget the lab coat, the gloves and goggles! You know, “safe research is good research”. See you soon, pals!

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