Carlos Macaya: ”Can our Health Systems assume these new techniques in interventional cardiology?”

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By 1950, cardiovascular disease mortality was 450 per 100,000 inhabitants. The advent of new techniques, new drugs and the identification of risk factors have made this figure has been reduced by 300%. The cardiologist at Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, Carlos Macaya has reviewed the milestones of interventional cardiology on May 24 at a conference in the cycle framed IDIBELL seminars.

Macaya claimed “the contribution of technology as an engine of medicine. Thanks to her we could enter in vessels, see the walls which are obstructed … without these techniques would not have produced improvements in diagnosis and treatment that we know today.”

Regarding the latest developments in interventional cardiology, Macaya has spoken of the new catheter valves and coronary biodegradable stents. According to the researcher “these techniques are here to stay and we can no longer say that they are promising, they are proving effective.”

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