IDIBELL sets up a group of internal correspondents

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Several IDIBELL professionals are involved in an initiative to improve the communication with the institute publics. This “internal correspondents” bring together workers from different categories and, in some cases, are hired by the partner institutions (Bellvitge University Hospital, Catalan Institute of Oncology and University of Barcelona).

The belonging to this group is open to any IDIBELL professionals who wish to. For now, it consists of twelve people: Gemma Aiza, Xavier Altafaj, María Berdasco, Daniel Calderó, Pere Fàbregas, José Luis Ferreiro, Lluis Fuentemilla, Nacho González Bravo, Juanjo Martínez, Jesús Méndez, Yolanda Pérez and Joana Visa.

IDIBELL is a very complex organization with diverse professionals who share various affiliations and are working in different spaces. This makes it difficult to detect the information of interest generated in the institution and, conversely, that the information generated by the centre can easily reach to their internal audiences.

This initiative will make possible to identify information of interest, both scientific and general, occurring in different areas of the centre and establish an effective mechanism to convey institutional information to all professionals. In addition, the team will advise the IDIBELL Communication Direction, acting as a thermometer for the communication measures carried out and controlling the communication strategy of the institution.

The group will meet on a regular basis and actively participate in the creation of content that will be disseminated through various communication channels.

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