Manel Esteller, new Faculty 1000 member


Created in 2002, 1000 Faculty appears as a new space on the network for the assessment of scientific research papers. It features the opinions of leading international researchers in life sciences.
The service offers a comprehensive, systematic approach that researchers used to directly assess the most relevant documents. Faculty 1000 publishes every month 1500 new assessments on more than 3000 journals.
The objective is to create a consensus map of the most relevant documents and trends in biology, creating easy navigation to users based on their interests.

Manel Esteller is one of the world’s most renowned researchers in the field of epigenetics. This discipline examines changes in the expression of genes not found in the DNA sequence, and therefore are not inherited. Epigenetics, therefore, can explain things that are beyond genetics, such as the fact that two twins with identical genetic material don’t develop a cancer at the same time. In this sense, the work of Manel Esteller has been instrumental in demonstrating that all human cancers have in common a specific chemical alteration: the hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes.

Esteller has authored over 200 scientific articles and editor of several publications of international relevance. He has won numerous awards, the last of which was the prize of the World Summit Meeting of Health and Pfizer Award for Innovation in Biomedical Research, which was on October of last year.

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