Decoding RNA function thorugh its localization

Gabrijela Dumbovic

STARR lab, Goethe University



Sala de Graus del Aulari UB Bellvitge


On Thursday, Dec 21st Dr. Gabrijela Dumbovic will be at our Campus to give the seminar  “Decoding RNA function thorugh its localization”
Where: Sala de Graus del Aulari
When: Thursday 21th 11:00h

Hosted by Sonia Forcales – Immunity, inflammation and cancer group


Dr. Dumbovic leads the Spatial Transcriptome Regulation and lncRNA Function lab at the Institute of cardiovascular regeneration, Goethe University ,Frankfurt. She has pioneered the discovery of molecular mechanisms and functional relevance of spatial regulation of the coding and non-coding transcriptome using state-of-the-art imaging, single-cell and biochemical technologies

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