#IDIBELLseminars: The peer-review process at EMBO Press – towards optimized publishing and open science

Daniel Klimmeck

The EMBO Journal



Aula Taronja (Edifici Jardí)


The peer reviewed research paper remains the main conduit for the exchange of research discoveries. With the diversification and growth of global research, publishing in selected journals and citation metrics are increasingly employed as surrogates for quality in research assessment. Consequently, the pressure to publish in a handful of journals has increased, putting the peer review system under strain. I will discuss EMBO’s organizational aim and activities and provide an overview of the five journals published by EMBO as an academic organization (The EMBO Journal/EMBO Reports/MSB/EMBO Mol Medicine/ Life Science Alliance). Importantly, the Editorial Process as run at The EMBO Journal will be explained, thus outlining function and daily routines of scientific editors. Finally, I will present a number of policies that EMBO has implemented under its ‘transparent peer review’ scheme and that ensure a fast, fair and informed editorial process.

Hosted by Elisa espinet – TGF-Beta and Cancer Group


Daniel received his PhD in 2008 with work on ion channel signaling in sensory neurons in the laboratory of Stephan Frings at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. As a postdoc, he focused on the molecular characterization of cancer and haematopoietic stem cells with Andreas Trumpp at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Jeroen Krijgsveld at EMBL. Daniel joined The EMBO Journal in 2015, where he is responsible for stem cells, ageing, metabolism and cancer, among other subject areas. Further, Daniel serves as reviewing editor at the journal-agnostic peer-review platform Review Commons

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