Gene regulation of cell identity


The mechanisms that define cell identity in complex organisms are still largely unknown. Most efforts have been focused on understanding how a few transcription factors direct cell differentiation in particular circumstances, such as during development or in cancer. However, many post-transcriptional processes, which are essential for defining the final transcript repertoire in a cell, have been overlooked and their role in establishing this identity is much less understood. In the lab, we want to understand how post-transcriptional regulatory processes, and in particular alternative polyadenylation, are coordinated at the individual cell level and how they contribute to the differentiation of cells both in health and disease conditions.




Plass Pórtulas, Mireya

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  • Plass Pórtulas, Mireya
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The lab is currenty looking for motivated candidates both computational and experimental at all levels to join the lab. Interested candidates with independent funding or willing to apply for research fellowships please contact Dr Plass.

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