The danger of anti-vaccination attitudes for the future of the Covid-19 pandemic

Fake news and disinformation campaigns are beginning to circulate in certain social sectors, which may lead to an increase in the number of people against vaccination. A boycott of mass prophylaxis against Covid-19 whenever it becomes available would mean thousands of deaths.

Management of hemato-oncological patients in Covid-19 times

When Covid-19 pandemic had just started, the Clinic Hematology group published a series of recommendations for the management of cancer patients. Now, have the recommended measures been implemented? Have they been effective? We have discussed this with those responsible of the study.

A new study analyzes the molecular concordance between primary colorectal cancer tumors and their respective liver metastasis

IDIBELL and ICO researchers participate in the classification into molecular subtypes of pairs of colorectal cancers and liver metastases to define their correlation.

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