Mey Hofmann Foundation, next to women with breast cancer


Silvia Hofmann, CEO of the Hofmann Group, presented the Mey Hofmann Foundation, a project born with the aim of helping women to face breast cancer with a transforming attitude to overcome it.


It is an initiative that arises to perpetuate the legacy of the chef and entrepreneur Mey Hofmann whose attitude and inspiring example will be, from now on, at the service of all breast cancer patients; a disease that she suffered.


“The passion and excitement of my mother, Mey Hofmann, was an example throughout her life and particularly during her illness. Her hopeful attitude to life is and always will be a source of respect and admiration for the world of gastronomy and for everyone who knew her”, explains Silvia Hofmann.


This attitude is the basis of the work of the Mey Hofmann Foundation, whose ground is a project based on psycho-oncology, as one of the levers to help women improve their quality of life during illness, and survivors to face a new stage after going through a trance of this magnitude.


Hence, the Mey Hofmann Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the Institut Català d’Oncología (ICO) and the IDIBELL (Biomedical Research Institute of Bellvitge).


Led by Dr. Cristian Ochoa, clinical psychologist and psycho-oncologist from ICO, researcher from IDIBELL and project director of:, the Mey Hofmann Foundation will organize a series of therapeutic meetings based on the health genesis coping of breast cancer for women who suffer from it.


According to this expert, “the experience of the disease influences our health during and after the process, being able to tinge the experience of suffering, pain and chaos”. However, Ochoa points out that, although it seems paradoxical, the disease “can also allow us to review our life to prioritize and appreciate what is really important.”


“That’s why I think the Mey Hofmann Foundation is so important. Through the reference that Mey Hofmann was, the mission of this foundation is set: promote transformative experiences in breast cancer that provide social and health value”.


In addition, together with Dr. Ochoa’s unit, the Mey Hofmann Foundation has launched a pilot program where continued groups of women suffering from this disease can find in the kitchen and gastronomy a source of well-being and hobby, delving into contents that, together with the school dietitian, support a healthy diet and its practical application on a daily basis.


The Mey Hofmann Foundation will host different talks and workshops aimed at fostering self-esteem from therapeutic practices and support groups in the Hofmann Culinary School.


In order to provide patients with knowledge and methods to deal with their own physical and emotional discomfort, they will carry out emotional intelligence workshops, relaxation techniques, lectures on emotional well-being and self-improvement, and about the benefits of sports practices, yoga, meditation or acupuncture, among others.


“The Mey Hofmann Foundation is a project that I am sure will help many women and their families,” concludes Hofmann.

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