IDIBELL presents its technology portfolio in Biospain 2016


From today until next Friday, the business development & innovation area of IDIBELL will participate in the eighth edition of

Biospain 2016, the most important biotech event in southern Europe Members of the business development & innovation area of Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) have traveled to the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) of Barakaldo to participate in the eighth edition of Biospain, the fifth-ranked biotech event worldwide on the basis of the number of partnering meetings held. This edition is expected to involve 2,000 participants, 855 companies, and approx. 50 investors.

“We come to Biospain with a clear objective in mind: to encourage the establishment of partnerships with industry either through licensing, co-developed projects or biotech spin-offs”, says Raquel Egea, director of IDIBELL’s business development and innovation area. “In order to do so, we bring a technology portfolio of 13 IDIBELL projects that we believe may fit well with the strategies of investors and companies present at the fair.”

Among the biomedical research projects presented by IDIBELL in Biospain, there are innovations for the diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, ischemic cardiovascular accidents, fertility and different types of cancer; therapies related to immune responses and cancer; drugs for different types of diseases; a medical device for digestive surgery, and software for the rehabilitation of facial paralysis.

Biospain 2016 is being held during

European Biotech Week,

from 26 September to 2 October, and will be one of the most important events in Europe during this week.

In its last gathering, held in Santiago de Compostela in 2014, Biospain involved 200 stands, 2000 participants and 855 companies and institutes from 37 countries. There were 3,327

one-to-one meetings and

50 scientific conferences, and 720 products were presented for licensing out.

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