ICFO and IDIBELL, together into new projects

On the morning of Friday 26 February, Duran and Reynals Hospital hosted the joint conference ICFO-IDIBELL, held with the clear objective of promoting the establishment of collaborative projects between research centers, strengthen existing links between researchers They are working in them, and present the results of the synergies achieved until today, that have been relevant and stimulating.

Interventions that form the backbone of the day were the following: first, the Director of IDIBELL, Dr. Jaume Reventós, welcomed the nearly fifty attendees at the meeting, highlighting the strategic importance of cross-cutting sessions to expand the range of possibilities of researchers apparently little interrelated areas. Then Dr. Oriol Casanovas, head of Tumor Angiogenesis group from IDIBELL, said the conference Detecting, Predicting and Fighting Resistance to antiangiogenic Therapies, which preceded Dr. Turgut Durduran, from the Medical Optics Group at ICFO, entitled Non-invasive Monitoring of Local Hemodynamics to Characterize Suspicious Masses and to Predict Therapy Outcomes.

The following speech was given by Dr. Romain Quidant, from Plasmon Nano Optics Group at ICFO, entitled Applications to Biomedicine of Light and Nanotechnology. Finally, Dr. Ana Mendez, head of the group Cellular and Molecular Bases of Sensory Diseases from IDIBELL spoke about Superresolution Techniques to Study Polarized Trafficking of Signaling Proteins in Photoreceptor Cells of the Retina, and Dr. Pablo Loza, from Super-resolution Light Microscopy & Nanoscopy Lab (ICFO), closed the round of conferences with the intervention Advanced Microscopy Techniques: Biomedical Imaging Applications at Nano, Micro and Macro Levels.

To conclude the day, attendees were invited to a networking coffee, programmed with the intention to facilitate relations between researchers and encourage the implementation of new collaborations between IDIBELL and ICFO.

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