UPC students, in collaboration with HUB and IDIBELL present new technologies to improve the treatment of facial paralysis


“Software of image processing as facial neuromuscular therapy in patients with peripheral facial paralysis” is the second project born of the agreement between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the University Hospital of Bellvitge (HUB) and IDIBELL to promote biomedical research and technology transfer.

On the one hand, the agreement enables UPC students learn about the needs of health personnel to develop innovative solutions in hospitals and on the other, provides investigators with access to existing technologies at the UPC, specifically research groups associated with Telecom BCN (ETSETB). IDIBELL Innovation IDIBELL participates in the management and monitoring of this colaboration by managing relations between the partners.

In this second edition students faced the challenge of designing and building prototype software capable of detect symmetry of the face in real time to apply the Mirror Therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with peripheral facial paralysis technique proposed by the physiotherapist of the rehabilitation service of HUB Nuria Montesinos, for these patients.

It is believed that the adaptation of this technique in these patients may be beneficial for a speedy recovery, but a dynamic system that integrates the ability to apply the therapy in real time, objectify the parameters for assessing the evolving needs paralysis and also make it easy, convenient and understandable by the patient.

Two teams of students have carried out a settlement proposal in the course Advanced Engineering Project, which is in the third year of the degree ETSETB UPC. This is one of the three subjects of projects that students following the CDIO methodology, which are intended to have design experiences that solve real problems.

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