My brain is made of plasticine. And yours?


During the month of February students of 3rd of ESO from the Escola Projecte and Barcelona-Congrés Institute of Barcelona visited the laboratories of the Cognition and Brain Plasticity research group at IDIBELL to participate in the activity ‘The brain of plasticine’ framed in the EscoLab program. Students knew a little better brain regions and how neuronal connections change with the use we make of them. They were also able to experience for themselves and sometimes reality does not match the perception of our brain through several media and memory experiments.

They also saw the daily work of researchers at cognition and plasticity group. They could see how electric waves produced in our brain as the emotions we feel through the polygraph test using measures of EDA (electrodermal activity) to capture the variations of sweat on the fingers in different situations such at rest or watching a scary movie.

The EscoLab is an initiative of the Barcelona Science Program of the Institute of Culture and Science Culture Programme of the Institute of Education of the City of Barcelona and with the participation of IDIBELL and many other research centres, which offer various activities.

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