Students of the Institute Provençana visit IDIBELL research platforms

On Wednesday February 25th students of the Training Cycle Degree of Laboratory analysis and quality control at Provençana Institute, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, visited the facilities of IDIBELL to know how research is done.

This trimester they are studying the module of biotechnology trials and therefore they know many of the techniques used in research laboratories. During the visit, students saw some of the scientific platforms IDIBELL where they could see how these techniques are applied in day to day research.

In their journey they visited the Proteomics Unit and the Genomics and Cytomics Unit and they also learned about the daily work done at the Laboratory of Metabolism and Cancer (LMC) and the Center for Molecular Oncology (COM) IDIBELL.

In this way students can get an idea of ​​what his daily work as technicians in a laboratory should be if they decide to direct their professional future to research. In fact, two students of this training cycle at Provençana Institute are currently conducting laboratory practices at IDIBELL.

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