IDIBELL Statistical Assessment Service is back


Since January 2015 IDIBELL retells its own statistical consulting service corodinated by the biostatistician Cristian Tebé who joined the institution earlier this year.

Cristian Tebé has worked in the pharmaceutical sector and for ten years in the Agency for Health Quality and Evaluation of Catalonia (AQUAs) of the Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia as a researcher in the area of ​​health care quality.

“The idea,” said Tebé “is re-launching the new service to cover all the demand generated by the researchers of the Bellvitge Campus. We are currently designing the portfolio of services that go from support in the design of a study, execution analysis to support the publication of results or revision of the analysis plan before submitting a project, with the possibility of offering service packages”.

Cristian Tebé talks about the importance of statistics in research: “A good statistical design is essential when applying for a project” and that “a good plan analysis and appropriate sample size does not guarantee that you get a project but if they are not well made, sure the project is ruled out.”

All requests will pass through and an initial doubt could be resolved by free or it will be presupposed and designed and personalized the service required by the researcher.

You can find Cristian Tebé in the Duran Reynals Hospital in the Unit of Biomarkers and Susceptibility (2nd floor) or in the UICEC,at the research building at the University Hospital of Bellvitge.

The renewed Statistical Assessment Service is seeking ways to coordinate with the Clinical Research Trials Unit (UICEC) so that, as explained Tebé “a comprehensive coverage will be given to all processes from clinical or epidemiological research to clinical trials”.

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