Idibell study part of first Transbio Sudoe collaboration project


The first Transbio Sudoe collaboration project has just been approved. It will be led byJulián Cerón, of the

Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute

(Idibell), and

Denis Dupuy, of the

European Institute of Chemistry and Biology


The project is entitled

Functional genomic analysis of the SM-like protein family in

C. elegans

and over the coming four months will be carried out in order to allow for scientific progress in understanding the regulation of LSM genes in

C. elegans, a worm often used as a model organism in genetic development studies. The joint

Catalan and French teamwill have all the techniques needed for genetic analysis of this family of proteins: on one hand, Dupuy’s team specializes in quantitative large-scale measurement of gene expression, while Cerón’s laboratory concentrates on analysis of

in vivo

of fluorescence.

Novaptech, the IECB’s technology-transfer unit, will also participate in the project. Under the guidance of Sonia Da Rocha Gomes, the team will be in charge of selecting the aptamers (fragments of nucleic acid or protein that interact with a specific target) to characterize the interaction mechanisms needed between the LSM genes and RNA molecules.

More information is available on the

Transbio Sudoe website

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