On March 12th, the small hall of the University Hospital of Bellvitge hosted the conference ” I2: INNOVATION IDIBELL ” organized by the Tech Transfer Office at IDIBELL .

The session was an opportunity to present the different stages of the innovation process from the idea to the market. The conference, which opened the Medical Director of University Hospital Bellvitge Carlos Bartolomé was attended by nine speakers, all experts in the field of innovation.

Philipp Klingenberg (Inveniam Innovations) and Xavier Ayneto (Ideas2value) explained how to manage ideas and strategy in the innovation process, J Clarke Modet Maria Valley ) and Alexander Griffiths (RCD) talked about the importance of properly protecting the results; Manel Cascalló (VCN Biosciences) and Marc Martinell (Minoryx Therapeutics) explained the different models of technology transfer bringing their personal experiences, Jose Terencio (GRI -CEL, GRIFOLS ) gave the vision of a big company in the innovation process , and finally Alex Casta (Caixa Capital Riesgo) and Nigel Fleming (Adventures Capital) spoke about the financial investment, key to achieve the market.

The Conference was closed by Montse Ballarín , Director of the Tech Transfer Office at IDIBELL. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the speakers during networking time and during the completion of the session.

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