Gonzalo Arévalo: ”10% of H2020 funding goes directly to Health but there are other areas that can provide opportunities for researchers”


The first calls of the European Horizon 2020 program have begun. On 17 January, the National Contact Point for Legal and Financial Affairs also part of the team of the Office of European Institute of Health Carlos III Project, Gonzalo Arévalo told investigators IDIBELL funding opportunities that may represent Horizon 2020 (H2020).

“Between 25 and 35% of the competitive money moving in Spain comes from Europe” said Arévalo. “10% goes directly to health but there are other areas that can provide an opportunity for researchers. That’s why you have to read not only the obvious calls to our field of research but investigate further the program”.

The Horizon 2020 program will fund research in Europe with 72 billion Euros over the next 7 years (2014-2020). Gonzalo Arévalo explained the pillars of the program: Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Major social challenges.

Arévalo explained that this new program shifts to innovation and aims to solve real problems of society. In this regard, he said that “so far, one of my tips was tell the researcher to show the project to other researchers to get their opinions and consider their suggestions for improvement. Instead, now I advise you to show it to any contact in the private sector to see if it could be of interest to them.”

On the other hand, he also reminded that a good strategy and good planning group are needed to qualify for H2020. Gonzalo Arévalo encourages researchers to participate in European projects, although their role could be minor at first. “My experience has shown me that these small contributions move later in a significant increase of the budget of these groups.

Finally, he stressed the importance of researchers to be recorded in the database of the European Commission to become assessors of the various proposals.

The TTO IDIBELL unit has a European project that gives advice on these issues. Researchers at the ICO may also contact the office of the Management Unit of Research.

To view Gonzalo Arevalo’s presentation at IDIBELL:

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