A multicenter trial will allow marketing a genetic test for endometrial cancer

A multicentre trial of the hospital network Spanish Network Translational Research in Gynecologic Oncology (REDITOG) coordinates by the IDIBELL researcher and Chief of the

gynecology service of the University Hospital of Bellvitge, Jordi Ponce, has validated the use of a test genetic testing for early detection of endometrial cancer.

The study, which included over 500 patients, was coordinated by Jordi Ponce and Antonio Gil, University Hospital Vall d’Hebron.

The results, presented at the XVII Congress of the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO) held from 11 to 14 September in Milan, this test can rule out the existence of the tumor in 97% of cases.

If the test is combined with conventional cytology, it results reliability increased to 99% with a specificity of 97% and a sensitivity of 92%.

More information: www.ehub.cat

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