A study compares silk and Teflon sutures in dental implant surgery


Sutures made with Teflon thread are more comfortable for patients than the sutures of silk thread, according to a scientific article that reviews the use of these two non-absorbable suture materials in oral implantology. The article has been published in Clinical Oral Implants Research journal, led by Cosme Gay-Escoda, researcher at the Pathology and Dental Therapeutics and Maxillofacial group at IDIBELL and the University of Barcelona.
The aim of the research was to determine the properties of different types of sutures (natural and synthetic) by evaluating the tissue reaction and plaque accumulation. In this case, the researchers have compared polifilament braided silk and Teflon-coated polyester. The research is based on a pilot prospective study on a sample of teethless patients.

During the study, the researchers analyzed the clinical variables related to intraoperative manipulation of the suture, the resistance of the wire to pass through the buccal mucosa, the slippage or loosening of the knot seven days after the surgery, the oozing of the surgical wound and the ease of suture removal. To assess the adhesiveness of bacterial plaque, the researchers identified bacterial species isolated in each type of suture. This was done when the suture was extracted, seven days after the surgery.

According to the results, the use of the polyester material coated with Teflon caused a higher comfort in patients when the sutures were removed, while in the case of silk thread, the withdrawal of the suture points was more painful. In addition, the bacteriological study shows that silk was associated with higher values of aerobic and anaerobic organisms, although the differences were not statistically significant. This research work also underlines that the Teflon-coated polyester has excellent biocompatibility and ease of handling, in addition to maintaining optimum mechanical strength. These properties make Teflon a good alternative as suture material in implant surgery.

Article reference:

Vicente Pons, Olivia, Lopez-Jimenez, Lydia Sánchez-Garcés, M. Angeles, Sala-Perez, Sergio Gay-Escoda, Cosme. “A Comparative Study Between Two Different suture materials in oral implantology.” Clinical Oral Implants Research, March 2011, 22 (3), pg. 282-288.

Source: University of Barcelona

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