IDBELL workshop “The Role of Data Management Plans in Research Projects”

Carme Reverté

IRTA Data Management Service Coordinator



McClintock room


  • 20 & 22 November 2023
    10-13h, (+ 14-16h slot for interviews, 20 nov)
    Language: English

    Objective: To know how to evaluate and create data management plans

    Good research data management has numerous advantages for both researchers and the scientific community in general in order to be able to reuse the data in the future. Through this course we will discover the benefits of developing a data management plan (DMP) and we will be able to:

    – Understand the added value of drawing up data management plans in research projects.
    – Identify challenges in projects related to research data management.
    – Develop a data management plan (structure, characteristics and content)


    • Introduction to data management plans (DMPs)
    • The FAIR principles in DMPs
    • Requirements for data management plans by public bodies.
    • Practical activity: Evaluation of data management plans.
    • Practical activity: Creation of a data management plan.

    Theoretical and practical sessions. There will be a slot in the afternoon for personalized consultations with the trainer (session 20 november, 14-16h))

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