#IDIBELLseminars: Steen Larsen

Steen Larsen

Xlab, University of Copenhagen



Sala Graus (Aulari) UB Bellvitge


Statins are used to lower colesterol in plasma, but some side effects are seen, one of them is muscle pain, which has been linked to the mitocondria. It is known that exercise have a beneficial effect on mitocondrial function, but some studies have reported that if you combine statin treatment and exercise, the normal beneficial adaptations are abolished.
The talk will focus on statin treatment and mitocondrial function and if exercise combined with statin treatment is a good combination.

Hosted by Pablo M Garcia-Roves – Nutrition, Metabolism and Gene Therapy group

Short Bio

I have always been focusing my research on mitochondrial function primarily in humans, and how exercise affects mitochondrial function. The patients studied have been patients with type 2 diabetes, but also inactive participants. In the beginning of my research career I was investigating skeletal muscle, but recently I am also looking at adipose and liver tissue.

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