New solidarity drive to investigate GRINpathies


CEIP Fray Alonso Fernández from the small town of Malpartida de Plasencia (Cáceres), together with the center’s AMPA, has promoted a solidarity activity to contribute to the study of GRINpathies. The educational center organized a “solidarity sandwich” in order to raise funds for research against these diseases, a task carried out in the IDIBELL by Dr. Xavier Altafaj’s group.


Thanks to this event, € 3,107 were collected, which will be used to investigate this rare disease. In turn, the San Cristóbal Cultural Association, from the same town, has also joined the cause and has given a total of € 500, which must be added to those already collected by parents and students.


GRINpathies are a set of neurological conditions that alter the development of the brain, causing serious problems of intellectual disability, hypotonia and epilepsy, and that usually affects pediatric patients. The contribution of these solidarity funds will help to accelerate the molecular diagnosis and the start of a personalized treatment for these patients, with the aim of significantly attenuating the negative consequences of the disease.


Teams of Dr. Altafaj and Dr. David Soto del Cerro, from the University of Barcelona, have an active crowdfunding campaign that raises funds for the research of GRINpathies:


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