IDIBELL obtains the TECNIO certification as a public technology facilitator


The IDIBELL Business development and Innovation area, led by Raquel Egea, has obtained the TECNIO certification as a “Public Technology Facilitator”. TECNIO is the seal granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ to identify Catalan differential technology, the providers that offer it and the facilitators involved in the process of technology and knowledge transfer, and also to align the regional innovation strategies approved by the European Union.


The TECNIO seal certifies four types of agents: public technology developers (such as universities and research centers); private technology developers (such as engineers or technology-based companies); developers of non-profit technology (such as technology centers); and public technology facilitators (such as the technology transfer offices, such as IDIBELL’s business development and innovation area).


The fact that ACCIÓ certifies Catalan entities with the TECNIO seal allows SMEs and Catalan companies to know where to go when they need technology to create or improve new products or processes, either through the acquisition or exploitation of patents, the recruitment of R & D projects or contact with spin-offs. The TECNIO agents, in addition to the certification, obtain the visibility and recognition of ACCIÓ, dissemination and marketing services of technology, advice in international cooperation, preferential information on ACCIÓ activities, prioritization in ¡ specific programs and activities of networking and training in technology transfer.


 The IDIBELL Business Development and Innovation Area mission is to raise the necessary public and private funding to carry out the center’s research projects, as well as to market innovation projects arising from both research results and the knowledge derived from it (DDBB, animal models, platforms, etc.). IDIBELL’s research is included in a single portfolio of projects, which facilitates its presentation to the industry, investment firms, technology centers, and potential public-private collaborators. The unique portfolio strategy increases the value of the research centers, as well as the negotiating power, broadening the possibilities of new business models with the industry.

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