Xavier Bosch, IDIBELL Ombudsman

On October 14th, 2015, Dr. Francesc Xavier Bosch was presented and sanctioned by the Internal IDIBELL Scientific Committee as the Ombudsman of the institution. Dr. Bosch, Doctor of Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has been responsible for the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program of the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), head of the Infection and Cancer Research Group of IDIBELL, and has recently been honorary doctorates from the University of Barcelona. As an experienced and awarded scientist, is an independent, appropriately qualified and highly humane professional, all of them key criteria in developing the task of Ombudsman. Currently, the contact is already available to the campus openly.

The work of the Ombudsman is to act as a mediator between researchers’ scientific conflicts, ensure research integrity of the institution and act as confidential adviser in questions related to the management of science and scientific career. His position primarily ensures independence from other institutional bodies, the confidentiality of its proceedings and the proven experience in the scientific world and its management.

In case of doubt or potential conflicts, it is advisable to previously hold informal consultations with the Ombudsman. This procedure is highly recommended prior to any formal communication. In any case, the Ombudsman and his staff are obligated to respect the anonymity and confidentiality in the processing of personal data and any other information received.

To contact the Office of the Ombudsman of IDIBELL researchers can direct to: ombudsman@idibell.cat

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