Researcher Oriol Casanovas received a Proof of Concept 2015 grant awarded by the European Union

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the names of the scientists who will receive the Proof of Concept (PoC) 2015 grant, which is only accessible to scientists who already have a grant from the ERC. Oriol Casanovas, leader of the Tumor Angiogenesis group of the PROCURE program from ICO and IDIBELL has been one of the researchers who have been granted the aid. Casanovas has received this award for its coordinated development project of inhibitors and biomarkers for resistance to antiangiogenic therapies in various cancers.

Twenty initiatives in Spain benefit from these 135 grants at European level of 150,000 euros each. 8 of them have been awarded to Catalan researchers.

From its beginning in 2011, the PoC funding program has supported more than 400 European researchers to ensure that the funded results reach the market and can meet the various social challenges that motivate them. Indeed, the purpose of these grants is to provide support for researchers during the run-up to demonstration, so that they can present to capital investors interested in new technologies, and thus lead the project to the marketing stage.

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