IDIBELL Neuroscientists in Brain Awareness Week


Between March 16 and 22 is Brain Awareness Week. This is a global campaign to raise public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Several researchers IDIBELL participate in activities organized by both the City Council and the City of L’Hospitalet to disseminate neuroscience.

The Institute of Education of Barcelona City Council with the collaboration of twenty research centers, including the IDIBELL, has organized a series of lectures and workshops of expert researchers in neuroscience in schools. Students from elementary through high school will have the opportunity to see the hand of scientific research lines on the functioning of the brain that develop in each center. The head of the research group Neurobiology of ionotropic glutamate receptors IDIBELL, Xavier Altafaj, will be responsible for teaching children in fifth and sixth graders how neurons communicate. Here

you can check other activities

A year ago, the program of science disemination

of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, ‘Pessics de Ciència’ has joined the celebration of Brain Awareness Week and offers a special programation. The researchers Joanna Sierpowska and Claudia Peñalozafrom the research group in cognition and brain plasticity IDIBELL will give a lecture on the brain reader, about how reading changes our brain on Tuesday March 17 at 18pm on the Library Tecla Sala in Hospitalet de Llobregat . Here you can check other activities.

The Brain Awareness Week (Brain Awareness Week) is an initiative of the DANA Foundation,

New York that was launched in 1996

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