75% of electronic cigarettes users continue to smoke conventional snuff


An article published in the journal BMJ Open, led by the ICO-IIDBELL, first collected data on the use of electronic cigarettes in the Spanish population. Only 20% of users of e-cigarettes has declared fully or fairly satisfied with their use. In fact, 75% continue to smoke conventional snuff.

This emerges from a study published in the journal BMJ Open on the use of electronic cigarettes in Barcelona. This is the first item taken in our environment that estimated the prevalence of use of the electronic cigarette (with and without nicotine), satisfaction with their use and where it was purchased.

The article shows that 6.5% of the adult population of the city of Barcelona-some 83,000 people-have ever used the electronic cigarette. 60% used it with nicotine and are usually chosen in specialty stores by setting purchase (70%).

The study, led by Jose M. Martínez-Sánchez, epidemiologist at the Tobacco Control Unit of the ICO-IDIBELL, has involved researchers from the ICO and the International University of Catalonia, as well as the University of Harvard and the University of Northeastern.

“The high percentages of dual use ‘of electronic cigarettes with conventional snuff, and low satisfaction with use, compromises the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette to stop smoking,” said Martinez-Sanchez.

The publication of this article coincides with the recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) that recommends the regulation of electronic cigarettes in all public places and workplaces.

In this regard, the government of Spain since March 2014 regulated the use of these devices in hospitals, schools and government buildings, but were excluded from the law bars, restaurants and other public places, as suggested by the WHO itself. The ICO and UIC pioneered regulating the use of electronic cigarettes on their premises on 2013.

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