IDIBELL joins the UN Global Compact

IDIBELL has signed the Global Compact of the United Nations Organization. This is an initiative that aims at a voluntary commitment to social responsibility on the part of the signatories from around the world.
This goal is achieved by following ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. These principles, based on universal declarations and conventions, are as follows:

The Global Compact brings business value. It helps to define a vision and a business strategy in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility, ensuring the soundness of a company.

The development of these values ​​helps the company to retain talented workers, makes them feel more identified with the company and improves their productivity and enthusiasm.

This global initiative contributes to the creation of competitive advantages and improves the results of the signatory companies. It does so through learning, incorporating the ten principles to their way of working, and through transparency. The Global Compact helps companies to diagnose and manage risks and to communicate their progress in social responsibility through the Progress Report, published annually.

It also contributes to reduce costs, allows access to sustainable financial markets, reduces the cost of capital and promotes research, development and innovation, and risk management.

Founded in 2000, the Global Compact is the largest global corporate responsibility initiative with more than eight thousand signatories in more than 135 countries, 1,400 in Spain.

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