IDIBELL brings together outstanding experts on Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Regulatory Genomics

Outstanding experts in bioinformatics, systems biology and regulatory genomics from around the world will meet from 14 to 19 October at IDIBELL to discuss the latest developments in these fields.

The conferences DREAM (short for Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods) and RECOMB (Research in Computational Molecular Biology), which has been added IDIBELL Conference on Bioinformatics RICCI (Research, Computational Biology and Cancer Informatics), will take place at the Hotel Hesperia in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The sessions are an opportunity to learn about the latest findings in molecular genetics, cell biology, regulatory genomics and systems biology and to establish new collaborations towards a better understanding of the fundamentals of life and the processes that lead to the emergence of diseases, especially cancer.

These symposia have the participation of top international experts.

President: Gustavo Stolovitzky

Ewan Birney. European Bioinformatics Institute.
Edda Klipp. University of Berlin.

President: Miguel Angel Pujana

Raymond Cho. University of California at San Francisco.
Manel Esteller. IDIBELL.
Nuria Lopez Bigas. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Franziska Michor. Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
Dana Pe’er. Columbia University.
July Sáez Rodríguez. European Bioinformatics Institute.
Gustavo Stolovitzky. IBM.
Alfonso Valencia. Spanish National Cancer Research Centre.

RECOMB Systems Biology
President: Andrea Califano

Scott Armstrong. Harvard.
Barry Honig. Columbia University.
Manolis Kells. MIT / Broad.
Rune Lindinger. Center for Biological Sequence Analysis.
Sylvia Plevritis. Stanford.
Luis Serrano. Center for Genomic Regulation.
Dennis Vitkup. Columbia University.

President: Manolis Kells

Martha L. Bulyk. Harvard Medical School.
Andrea Califano. Columbia University.
Eileen Furlong. EMBL
Jonathan Pritchard. University of Chicago.
Alexander Stark. IMP Vienna.

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