Francisco Sánchez-Madrid: ”The immune cells exchange genetic material”

During the process of immune recognition, T cells and antigen-presenting cells exchange genetic information (microRNA), which allows modify the immune behavior. The researcher of the institute of health research of La Princesa Hospital, in Madrid, Francisco Sánchez-Madrid explained his recent work on processes that lead to the immune response during an IDIBELL seminar on 3rd June in the conference hall of the Duran i Reynals Hospital (ICO).
Dr. Sánchez-Madrid is specialist in immunology. His scientific work focused on understanding the mechanisms of adhesion, migration and activation of leukocytes and their involvement in chronic inflammatory diseases. The researcher pioneered the identification of the first families of leukocyte adhesion receptors and their physiological role in controlling cell migration. Much of these findings were the basis of new treatments for diseases like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis or Crohn’s disease. Francisco Sánchez-Madrid is scientific director of the Research Institute of La Princesa Hospital, in Madrid, and Head of the Immunology Department of this hospital. He has authored more than 320 international publications. He has directed 20 doctoral theses and is inventor or co-inventor on 9 patents. It is one of 23 Spanish researchers included in the ISI Highly Cited, which includes researchers from all scientific fields in the world.

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