Caja Rural de Granada rewards Manel Esteller


The jury of the sixth edition of the Health Sciences Award from Caja Rural de Granada Foundation has been awarded the work presented by Manel Esteller, director of IDIBELL’s Epigenetics and Cancer Biology Program. This prize is worth 20,000 euros. The winning work has uncovered a connection between overgrowth and cancer.

The award was presented during a gala held on June 11 at the auditorium of Caja Rural de Granada. The event was attended by the Minister of Health of Andalucía, María Jesús Montero, among other representatives of institutions and administrations.

In addition to the organizing institutions, in this award collaborate and form part of the jury the College of Physicians of Granada, the College of Pharmacists of Granada, the Provincial Health Delegation of the Andalusian Autonomous Government, the University of Granada and the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy.

The winning project uncovers a connection between overgrowth and cancer that opens many doors for new treatments against diseases caused by mutations in genes regulating the size of tissues and cell proliferation.

Manel Esteller has an extensive background research that is recognized by the international scientific community and society in general.

In addition to Manel Esteller, Caja Rural de Granada has awarded another prize in the form of disclosure to the journalist Susana Vallejo by a series of twelve reports published in the newspaper Granada Hoy under the title “In the bowels of the Park” on the Technology Park Health Sciences in Granada.

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