Virtual therapeutic communities in cancer to facilitate the construction of healthy experiences

Technology Readiness Level 
C.Ochoa (IDIBELL/ICO) Oncommun – ICOnnecta’t is a flexible, scaled and integrated e-Health educational and psychosocial services program that guarantees correct screening, monitoring and support in health education, adherence to treatments, and the provision of emotional care and psychosocial cancer quality.
Priority Date 
Problema per ser solucionat 
Diagnosis, treatments, reinstatement or relapse are some examples of these significant transitions in the life of a person with cancer, in which it is often necessary to have appropriate tools and support strategies. efficient.
  • Know the psychosocial and health education needs of cancer patients
  • Offer personalized treatment based on the needs detected
  • Facilitate access to psycho-oncological treatments
  • Increase quality of life, emotional well-being and cancer education
  • Improve therapeutic adherence
  • Reduce the communication gap between healthcare professionals and users
Estat de tecnologia 
Developed, tested with real patients (400 users) and in the process of a randomized clinical trial for efficiency results.
Oportunitat de mercat 
Integrate educational and psychosocial solutions in cancer patients to facilitate access to these interventions and promote well-being in cancer. Online health and psychological interventions lead to a decrease in the expenditure of health resources.
European proposal funded by the EIT Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health).
The program mixes social media, video conferencing and monitoring platforms to connect cancer patients and health professionals



C.Ochoa (IDIBELL/ICO)---

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