Advanced Cell and Tissue Cultures

The Advanced Cell and Tissue Culture platform provides users with all the necessary equipment to perform cell cultures. It is divided into three culture rooms: a clean culture room, primary culture room, and decontamination or quarantine room. These three rooms are available to users in self-service mode or with technical support.

The platform staff offers their technical support to researchers both in standardized cell culture protocols (maintenance of cell lines, derivation of primary tissue, cell cryopreservation, etc.) and in the development of the requested cell culture experiment. Also, it offers its support in the experimental design, manipulation or processing of the sample, and the analysis of results.

The platform also participates in training activities, giving courses on cell cultures of different levels of complexity.

Following good laboratory practices, room cleaning routines, equipment maintenance, and quality controls are applied to guarantee an aseptic area and the proper functioning of the facilities.

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  • Teresa Zomeño
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