Financial and Administration management

The Financial and Administration Department, within the IDIBELL Management Area, includes the Accounting, Procurement and tenders and Administration units.

The Accounting Unit manages, values ​​and records the economic transactions carried out by the institution in order to prepare complete and reliable reports in accordance with current legislation. All activities related to the management of fixed assets, taxes, treasury and communications of an economic and general nature of the Institution with the outside (Generalitat, Auditors, clients and suppliers) are also carried out by this Unit.

The Procurement and tenders Unit manages the process of acquiring goods and services from the initial request to their delivery and the execution of the public procurement circuits as established in the legal system.

The Administration Unit brings together the activities of creating billing files for the control and issuance of invoices for contract research, training and clinical trials projects, as well as the internal and external reporting of all the services provided by the scientific platforms and services of the Institution. It also includes all activities derived from the management of travel and allowances of researchers and personnel related to IDIBELL.


Area Director
  • Martí Coma, Magda
Heads of Department and Unit
Administrative support
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