Systemic Diseases and Ageing


The Systemic Diseases and Ageing group studies the impact and treatment of systemic diseases (i.e. diseases affecting more than one organ) from the clinical and epidemiological perspective to the lab setting. Its area of experience includes the fields of systemic autoimmune diseases, venous thromboembolic disease, ageing (mainly chronic heart failure) and hemorrhagic hereditary telangiectasia and other vascular rare diseases. Regarding rare diseases, this group also studies these diseases from the basic research, with cellular and animal models. In fact, we practice a real translational research, transfering the insights from a laboratory environment into a clinical one, avoiding any gap in the transition between both settings.



Riera Mestre, Antonio

Riera Mestre, Antoni

Principal investigators

Riera Mestre, Antonio

Riera Mestre, Antoni


Solanich Moreno, Xavier


Formiga Pérez, Francesc

Ramon Lleonart Bellfill

Lleonart Bellfill, Ramon


Group leaders
  • Riera Mestre, Antoni
Principal investigators
Clinical researchers
Predoctoral researchers
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