Vascular Biology And Signalling Group


The Vascular biology and signalling group is composed by two laboratories, the Graupera Lab and the Montañez Lab. The group is focused on understanding the physiology of blood vessels and their role in disease to finally develop therapeutic strategies targeting the vascular compartment. Specifically, the group has strong interest in understanding the pathological contexts in which the vasculature plays a critical role either intrinsically, as it occurs in vascular anomalies, or extrinsically such as cancer, as a key component of the stromal compartment, and obesity, where the vasculature has a key role regulating systemic metabolism. To meet our goals, we use an interdisciplinary approach that includes genetic tools in mouse, cell culture models, molecular biology assays, system biology approaches and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy. The group collaborates with clinicians to translate their research into the clinic at diagnostic and therapeutic levels.





Graupera Garcia-Mila, Mariona

Principal investigators


Graupera Garcia-Mila, Mariona

Lázaro García, Concepción

Montañez Miralles, Eloi



Group leader
  •  Graupera Garcia-Mila, Mariona
Principal investigators
Postdoctoral researchers (R2)
Predoctoral researchers (R1)
Scientific support
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