ADmit Therapeutics becomes a new IDIBELL spin-off


ADmit Therapeutics, S.L. has become a new spin-off company of Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) after acquiring a license agreement with IDIBELL and University of Barcelona to develop a test for an early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) detection. The company is currently supported by IDIBELL, Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) and ACCIÓ (Generalitat de Catalunya).

“Our main goal is to develop an early Azheimer’s diagnosis test, to implement it in the clinical practice and to contribute to optimize patients’ recruitment in clinical trials. Our partners are essential to reach our pipeline”, explains Dr. Marta Barrachina, CEO and co-founder of the company. Doctors Ramón Reñé and Jordi Gascón are the other co-founders and act as Medical Advisory Board for the company.

The ADmit Therapeutics diagnostic test represents the determination in blood of a series of mitochondrial biomarkers not related to β-amyloid or tau.. As systemic mitochondrial dysfunction has been proposed just before the appearance of cerebral abnormal protein aggregates, the company findings may become a pool of biomarkers very useful for the detection of patients at early stages of AD.

It is envisioned that ADmit Therapeutics develops a new laboratory-based IVD device, obtaining the corresponding CE mark by Q4 2019. At the moment, the company is seeking private investment in order to implement its development plan, which complies with the new EU IVD Regulation released in April 2017.

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