IDIBELL has a new platform that facilitates the use of ultrasequencing technology

IDIBELL has added a new scientific platform which increases applications of Biomark, an equipment purchased a year ago that performs real-time PCR, gene expression, genotyping, and digital analysis of a large number of samples. The new platform, called Access Array System, enables to obtain the number of PCR amplifications needed to sequence the samples with the new technology Next Generation Sequencing System with a great reduction of time and costs.
Array Access System combines 48 samples with 48 sets of primers, which allows more than two thousand three hundred combinations. The device allows parallel amplification of 48 samples, amplifying the regions of interest. Once finished the amplification cycles, samples can be recovered and ready to be ultrasequenced.

In combination with primers designed by Amplicon tagging, this technology allows these 48 samples to be amplified in multiplex and prepare 48 libraries in a few time. These PCR products generated with Array Access System technology can be used in ultrasequencing in Next Generation Sequencing System platforms, including the 454 GSFLX and Illumina GA.

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