IDIBELL and Grupo Ferrer Internacional explore ways of collaboration


The meeting was divided into four sessions focusing on strategic research lines for Ferrer and IDIBELL: regenerative medicine, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system. The meeting included a presentation of the clinical trials infrastructure and support services of IDIBELL, by the scientific coordinator of the Bellvitge Hospital and of the Central Research Unit in Clinical Trials (UCICEC), Josep Maria Arnau.
The first session involved the head of the research program in regenerative medicine at Ferrer, Andrés Fernandez and the Human Molecular Genetics IDIBELL researcher, Josep Maria Aran, who spoke on immune-inflammatory processes and tissue regeneration. In the second session, the head of the infectious diseases program of the pharmaceutical company, Domingo Gargallo, and the head of the group of infectious disease and antibiotic sensitivity of IDIBELL and head of the Infectious Diseases Service of Bellvitge Hospital, Francesc Gudiol, put in common their lines of research. The third session included speeches of Fabián Bernal, cardiovascular research program of Ferrer, and of

Àngel Cequier, head of the Cardiovascular Disease of IDIBELL and Clinical Director of Heart Area at Bellvitge University Hospital. In the last session, focusing on the research of diseases of the nervous system, participated Eva Mendez, by the multinational. By IDIBELL involved Isidre Ferrer, director of the Institute of Neuropathology HUB-IDIBELL, Francisco Ciruela, a researcher at UB, and Francisco Rubio, Head of Service of Neurology at Bellvitge Hospital, along with other service members.
Ferrer Internacional Group consists of more than fifty companies from the sectors of pharmaceuticals, food and chemical. The company is present in over sixty countries around the world. Soon, the company is installing its R & D in space Biopol’H Bellvitge.
The meeting is part of the strategic actions IDIBELL to enhance transfer of research results of researchers, under the Biopol’H space.

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